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Barb's Brief

Welcome to my little corner of the website! 

Well, here we are--the end of another season! How can that be? Is it just me, or does time seem to be going faster these days??

Thankfully--although Covid tried---it did not ruin our season this year. We were able to hold just about all the activities that were scheduled. There were a few adjustments or cancellations, but not nearly as many as last year. And as the season progressed, attendance at the events grew. More of our Canadian friends were here this season too, and we were glad to welcome them back. 

The Activities Board was able to fund quite a few big ticket items this year, since our Bazaar (now Park Sale) did so well and the Casino Night raffle brought in a nice profit. We also carried over some monies from last year that weren't spent due to Covid. We now have 2 new pieces of exercise equipment, Bingo is getting a new system, and the Shuffleboard courts will get a much needed patch and resurfacing. It was great to be able to say "yes" to all the requests we had this season!

Next season will bring more activities including a new Afternoon Social. It will be held the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the month at 3:30 pm in the Cypress Room. It will be an alternative to Koffee Klatch for those who are not "morning" people. :) You will get briefed on what's happening in the park, and get a chance to socialize with old--and new--friends. If you don't attend Koffee Klatch, be sure to mark your calendar and participate in the Afternoon Social! 

I know we all are very hopeful that Tree Lakes will be able to return to some type of "normal" next season, and get back to a full slate of activities. Not having been here pre-covid, I'm excited to see what that looks like. I thoroughly enjoyed being able to participate in a variety of activities this year. THAT is what makes the time go so fast!

I'd also like to thank all of you who were nice enough to offer your words of encouragement as I stumble through my duties as Activities President. It's been a bit overwhelming for me since I'm relatively new to Tree Lakes, but each person that has taken the time to say a few kind words to me has been greatly appreciated. It really keeps me going! 

As we end this season, and look to next season with excited anticipation, I want to wish all the travelers "safe travels" and to those who live here year round--I say "stay cool" and we'll see you all next season! 

Till next time.....Barb