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Don and Gayle's Website News

Don and Gayle are here to provide you with the latest news on what's new and improved on our community website.

Send ad requests for sale or rental of units to Gayle ([email protected])

If you have questions about our website, email Don ([email protected]) or Gayle ([email protected]).



If you would like your birthday and/or anniversary included on our Happy! Happy! Calendar, send the info to [email protected]. Include names, birth dates, and anniversary date.


As we get the season underway, you will find much useful information on community events in the Forums link on our website.  Forums include the latest on Activities (such as Bone Builders and Create Workshop), Events (special treats like breakfasts and the health fair), Dinners (our usual holiday celebrations and special dinners for this winter season), Trips and Excursions (trips out of the park such as bus trips and cruises), and Sports (like bean bag and golf).  Check there for the latest news.

***Please be aware that the website is new and we're working hard to utilize all its great features.  If you are an activity chair and need information on your sponsored activity posted to the website, contact me at [email protected]. Send me the description and I'll take care of that for you and show you how to manage your forum.  It's a great way to communicate with your members!


Our website provider is releasing a new version of our software on November 14, 2018.  We'll be letting you know if and how that will affect what you're used to seeing here and how you interact with the website.

In the meantime, you will see some changes in the Main Menu as we work to make it more convenient for you.