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Friendship Dinner

Celebrating Friendship Dinner and Dance, Anita Bough posted 7 months ago

The seating will be tables of 10. The doors will open at 4pm and the meal will be served at 5pm. The appetizer will be placed on your table, for your enjoyment. This will be Melba Toasts, with a Cream Cheese Spread, a mix of Ranch Dressing, topped with a slice of cucumber. There will be 30 of these appetizers (3 each) on your table. The entrees will be a Garden Salad with, your choice of, French or Ranch Dressing, Sheppard's Pie, done the traditional way, with ground beef, onions, corn and mashed potatoes. For residents that have difficulties with corn, a few pies will be made, with all of the previous ingredients, but the corn will be substituted with small, sweet peas, all served with fresh crusty bread. Dessert will be Chocolat Pudding, with a splash of raspberry extract, Dream Whip, and topped with fresh raspberries. Coffee and lemonade will be supplied. Please bring your table settings, and your choice of alcoholic beverage. Our entertainer, from 6 to 9pm, is (same as the Taste of Italy Dinner) Kevin Brooks. The cost of the evening is $10.00 per person.