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Tessa's Corner

**On Friday October 8th we will start to collect recycling at the dumpster every week.

**Tuesday's 9am - 11am and Friday's 1pm - 3pm****


Hi Tree Lakers :)
Just a couple reminders,
Owners who rent your units out, Please remember to provide me with a criminal background check on your renter if they are new to the park. I have set up a new renter code for the gate for the 2021/2022 season. I will release that code once I receive background information.
Please remember to not give out your personal gate code. Instruct all vendors and visitors to dial your lot # at the gate then press the green button, that will call the phone number that you provided me. 
November 1 the storage rental fees are due, please be sure to get that mailed in if you wont be here by then. Also, I have a waiting list of about 17 people, if you don't need your spot anymore please let me know so I can get the spots filled. 
When you return make sure your lot number is clearly listed on your house or shed. 

Doug will not be pressure washing units for this season, if he is who usually washes your unit please make other arrangements. 
I am looking forward to everyone's safe return. 

During a routine ride around the park, I noticed around 60 units without proper lot numbers displayed and a few that just need to be updated. Check your unit/lot and if you do not have your lot # on your shed or house, please do so as soon as you can.
Please refer to your Tree Lakes R&R.
Pg 11 Dwellings. F
All owners are required to have lot numbers clearly displayed on their unit or a structure on the lot visible from the street



Please remember, If you have a storage spot in our recreational storage area the storage fee is due November 1st. If you will not be keeping your storage spot please let me know as I have a long waiting list of owners who need a space. 
Storage Lots 3-18 $150.00 per year
Storage Lots 22-45 $200.00 per year
21/20 $300.00 per year
47/46 $300.00 per year
Storage Lots 48-66 & 1 & 2 $100.00 per year



As most of you know Gov. DeSantis has issued Executive order #20-91 "Safer at home". I urge you to follow these directions from our Florida Governor, not only for your safety but also the safety of others you may come in contact with. As a result of the Executive order issued, starting Monday April 6 2020 the Tree Lakes office is closed to in office visits. I am available Via email or phone 941-723-1787 until the Executive order is lifted. I am sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.  
I would like to take a moment and thank the Board of Directors for their dedication to this park, they have had to make some real tough decisions, decisions no other previous Boards have had to make. They are doing the very best they can, following recommendations from our attorney and insurance agent. Remember, there is absolutely no handbook on how to deal with situations like this, so please bear with them as they try to do what is best for this community. The most important position of the Board and myself is to keep this community healthy and safe. 
I wish you all a healthy happy spring and summer! 
Tessa Hutcheson 
Tree Lakes Park Manager



Payments are due if you have a spot in the Recreational Storage area. I have a waiting list, if you do not wish to keep your spot please call or email me.

Tree Lakes owners, please feel free to email me a NEW 4 digit gate code you would like to use and the phone number you would like to be associated with the gate. I am updating them nightly.

If you rent out your unit or lot your renter will have a different gate code (please do NOT give out your personal gate code) The email that went to all owners has the 2019/2020 renter code. If you did not get that email please call or email me I will give it to you.

See you soon Tree Lakers :)

Tessa Hutcheson,
Tree Lakes Park Manager

04/04/2019 - 04/08/2019 Paving schedule

Thursday 4/4/19 - Enter & exit through the front gate
Friday 4/5/19 - Enter & exit storage area
Saturday 4/6/19  & Sunday 4/7/19 - Enter and exit through the front gate.
Thursday 4/4/19 Superior will be pouring the asphalt on Lakeside Dr, Catfish Ln, Oaknoll Dr, Bass Ln, & Duane Ln
Friday 4/5/19 Superior will be pouring the asphalt on Cozy Ln, Vagabond Ln, & ToJo Dr (parking lot) 


Due to the roads, I rescheduled Jeffrey's Lawn Service for Tuesday March 26 in place of our scheduled service April 9th. 


If you have a contractor at your home doing any kind of work, PLEASE make sure they are not blocking the roadway. 


Jeffrey's Lawn Service 2018/2019 schedule

December - 11th

January - 8th

February - 5th

March - 5th

April - 9th & 23rd - (April 9th has been rescheduled to March 26th due to the roads)

May - back to every week

Autopay Form

2019/2020 Storage lot rent is due October 1st. Please click on the link below, print, sign the 2nd page, and mail to me along with your October 2019/2020 payment. If you do not wish to renew your storage spot, please notify me, so I can rent to those on our waiting list. 

2018-19 Storage Contract

Together, lets create a strong community with unity!

Tessa Hutcheson
Park Manager
Tree Lakes Association