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Walt's Blog

February 10th

A number of things are coming up in the near future. The annual meeting will be held in the Cypress room at 9 a m on February 21st. We need a quorum in order to deal with any carryover money (Probably not much) and we must decide what type of review or audit is best for Tree Lakes. Please plan to attend (coffee and donuts will be available). If you can't attend please turn in a proxy.

Following the meeting we have invited a member of our law firm to discuss how best to license your unit. She will also discuss buying and selling in Tree Lakes.

Early in April we plan to complete phase two of the road project. A by-product of this process is the material ground up in the milling. During phase one we used this material to create a firm base in the  area used for lawn waste and in the center of the recreational storage area. We plan to use the  material from phase two to complete a hard surface(now it is often soft ) in that storage area. In order to do that all units in the  recreational storage area must temporarily be moved. Tessa and the board of directors are working together to help owners who rent in the storage complete that task. Feel free to contact Tessa or any board member if you have questions.

There are many activities planned for December so check your calendar, computer, and the various bulletin boards for announcements for the day, date, and time to see what is going on that you won't want to miss! The Association Board monthly meeting is at 9:00 a.m. in the cypress Room on Thursday, December 20th, I hope many of you will plan to attend.

 In February, 2019, we have an election coming up for the Board of Directors. There will be three vacancies to fill and I would be happy to meet with you if you are interested in running for the Board. Tessa, our Park Manager, has the necessary forms in the office for you to fill out. The deadline for completing the paperwork in order to run is January 07, 2019.

Enjoy all the activities coming up and I wish you a merry Christmas

Walt Cocking