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Bowling is an 'off-campus" activity open to all Tree Lakes residents and guests.  We bowl at 12:15 every Saturday during the season from the first week in November to the middle of April.  The bowling alley is at the corner of Cortez Road and 43rd Avenue.  The cost for 3 games of bowling is determined by the establishment and this year it is $15 per person.  Bring your own ball and shoes or rent shoes at the Bowling Alley.  Bowling balls at the lanes range in weight from 6 pounds to 15 pounds with various hand/finger fittings.

A sign-up sheet is posted each week on the patio bulletin board.  We are not "league bowlers" as we have a different number of bowlers from week to week so sign up and check us out.  Our bowlers with scores of 80 or 90 have just as much fun as the few with higher scores!

Please consider joining us.   Dennis Huelsbeck