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Tree Lakes Legacy Club 

Are you a member of the Legacy Club of Tree Lakes and didn’t know it? Everyone in Trees Lakes is the recipient of a legacy because the previous owner worked hard to maintain and preserve the beauty of Tree Lakes so that current residents can enjoy a family atmosphere in beautiful Florida.
However, there is a Legacy Club (not the Golf Course or the Nature Conservancy) comprised of individuals who are continuing the legacy of their grandparents, parents or relatives. This group will gather once a year to share their stories and favorite memories of Tree Lakes back when. Do you have a special memory of an event or events that happened when you were visiting your relatives? Do you have a humorous story about something that has become legendary in your family?
You are invited to pull out photos of yourself and family members to share with other Legacy Club members. You are asked to scan the photos and forward them to Jan Albert (info in the directory) so that we can put together a slide show. If you know the date, please include that information along with identifying the folks in the photo. If you don’t have a clue (I’m thinking of quite a few that I can’t remember) just send the scanned photo.
This Legacy Club will gather (date and time to be determined by the Activities Board), reminisce about the fun times we had back then and the good times we continue to have. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact Jan Albert.