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Resort Map


Reminders to those with pets who would like to rent or buy at Tree Lakes RV Resort:

Tree Lakes RV Resort has both a pet and a non-pet section.

Both buyers and renters in the pet section are permitted to have up to two pets in any one dwelling.

Buyers and unit owners in the non-pet setion must be approved before having either a service or an emotional support animal in their dwelling.

Renters in the non-pet section are not permitted to have pets in the Resort.

All pet owners coming to Tree Lakes RV Resort with their pets must present, upon arrival, their pets’ current licenses and vaccination certificates to the Tree Lakes Office.

Except for service animals, no pet in the Resort shall weigh more than fifty (50) pounds.

More details on the Pet Policy are available by contacting the Tree Lakes Office at 941-723-1787.

The areas outlined in red are the sites where pets are allowed.