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Exercise for Arthritics

Take Control With Exercise

With 'Take Control' anyone can get the physical activity needed to boost energy, relieve pain and improve wellbeing without straining joints.
With an upbeat 45 minute fitness video based on the Arthritis Foundation Exercise Program, it is a proven method for getting in better shape, no matter what shape you are in now. No floor exercises are used in this version, led by Peggy Brill P.T., a 15 year veteran of the Arthritis Exercise Program.

We are presently using this program in the Cypress Room on Mondays and Thursdays at 8:00 A.M.

Improve flexibility with a head-to-toe range of motion work out.
Strengthen key core muscles with resistance bands.
Boost stamina with a fun endurance work out.

Come and join the group.  You won’t regret it.